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The Books of Magic Omnibus Vol. 2 (The Sandman Universe Classics) HC (19/10/21)

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(W) Various, (A) Various, (CA) Michael William Kaluta

The son of a manipulative sorceress and a mystical falconer, Tim Hunter is destined to become the most powerful mage in the world. But as the young Londoner comes to terms with his abilities and future, he must deal with demons, wizards, and evil Tim Hunters looking to claim his power. As Tims life is dismantled by magic and his own missteps, he will embark on an adventure across Faerie and the realms that will change the world as we know it. This second of three omnibuses collects the epic finale to writer John Ney Riebers run, as well as the full run by writer/artist Peter Gross, all from The Books of Magic #33-75, The Books of Magic Annual #1-3, The Books of Faerie #1-3, stories from Vertigo: Winters Edge #1-3, Hellblazer/The Books of Magic #1-2, and The Books of Faerie: Mollys Story #1-4. Also included a brand-new foreword by John Ney Rieber and a brand-new introduction by Peter Gross.

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